Ashleigh taught me for 9 month in SA. And wow what a nine months it was. In fact I see it as a gestation period from which I emerged a new person. For 22 years I have been a dressage judge and I have instructed for 27 years. After lessons with Ashleigh nothing has been the same for me again. She has changed the way I ride, the way I think, the way I teach and judge. She has shown me the flip side of riding. And I can honestly say that she has shown me the meaning of true horsemanship. It was something I thought I knew but now realise how clueless I was. She is to me the way forward the shining light in the darkness, my hero. I want to thank her for my rebirth in the horse world and my pupils and competitors are benefitting every day from what Ashleigh in stilled in me. I am forever grateful to her!!!