Ashleigh is the best equestrian instructor I’ve ever met. She was also my first professional equestrian instructor. After having 3 lessons with her, I was so motivated that I decided to learn horseback riding systematically, currently, I’m taking lessons every week. I loved Ashleigh’s lessons mainly for the following reasons:

1. She made me feel safe around and on the horse, with or without leading rein. It is important especially for beginners; one can’t perform the best when he/she fears. The very high confidence Ashleigh shows from the first second you meet her calms both the student and the horse down.

2. She’s extremely good at explaining the techniques. I have had many lessons with different BHS instructors, many instructors tend to say “well you just need to feel it”. That never happens when with Ashleigh. To explain any particular technique, she will explain how the horse moves, what the rider should do, and why so. She’s very goodat using various interesting analogy and examples to help students understand exactly what to do physically and mentally. Ashleigh’s equestrian class is like a combination of physics, biology and P.E class, lots of exercise, all kinds of knowledge from physics of scuba diving to muscle memories, and lots of fun!

3. She’s very enthusiastic and encouraging. No matter its indoor or outdoor when it’s 40 degree outside, Ashleigh is always concentrated in teaching and shows lots of passion and energy. She gives instruction appropriately loud and very clear, no matter which corner you are in the arena, you will understand her very clearly. She also takes every chance to give praise, help students remember what they did right, keep them highly motivated through the entire class.

4. She’s a sharp and very experienced consultant. It only takes a few glances for her to diagnose your riding problem, and immediately gives scientific explanation together with effective solutions. The progress I have made in my 3 lesson with her is more than what I’ve achieved with other schools for 2 months. I wish I could take lessons with Ashleigh every week.