Ashleigh Sanderson has been the greatest influence on my riding of anyone in my life. For years I struggled with my leg, thinking I believed I lacked strength in my legs; a problem that Ashleigh fixed in just a few sessions by getting me mechanically sound in my position and consciously engaging my core. One Ashleigh session packed with her knowledge and use of biomechanics in her coaching is more valuable than any number of sessions from a seasoned coach who may be excellent in their coaching yet neglects these fundamental principles.
She is exceptionally gifted at meeting a horse and rider combination where they are and helping them find a balance in their training program to bring them both along to achieve their fullest potential together. I have witnessed her take on horse and rider combinations that are a complete disaster, clashing in personality, ability, and skill on so many levels. Through her patience, humour, and unequivocally warm ringside presence, I have witnessed her transform complete disaster cases into winning combinations who not only tolerated each other, but grew to adore each other as they grew in trust and the understanding they gained of each other in her sessions.
Ashleigh makes the most difficult concepts simpler to understand through her incredible base of experience in coaching and riding around the world. She is always passing on successful teaching concepts she has gained from the experts she has trained with. I know that when I learn from her, I am benefitting from the combined concepts of many great horsemen as well as Ashleigh herself. I will always come back to her for training, advice, and guaranteed satisfaction with myself and my horses.