Welcome to the home page for Level 2 Stable Management.

Every level is divided into modules – each module being about a different subject, all at about the same level.  Open the module, read through the lessons and once you are happy that you have understood it all, take the quiz at the end of each module.  These quizzes need you to pass at 100% – if you have read right through the module, 100% shouldn’t be difficult.

At the end of the level, you will be asked to write a final test, and submit a video.  This video will be to demonstrate a task or two that was taught in the course.  This final test needs to be emailed through to kudaguru, the video uploaded to a private channel on YouTube or similar.  These will both be marked, and if a high enough quality of work is shown, a Kuda Guru certificate is issued.  If not, you will get feedback and can then re-sit the test at no additional charge.  By this point, you will be ready to go and take the practical tests that you have been aiming for.

These lecture notes are the product of many years lecturing students – mainly for Pony Club.  All of the relevant information is included as well as extra information which (I think) makes it more interesting and easier to understand.  If I try to learn something just because I have been told to learn it, I find it very difficult.  But, if I am learning something, understanding why I should learn it, the knowledge sinks in much easier!  I am hoping you will find this too.

Your course should be logical and simple to follow.  If you are unsure of any of the content or how to work through the course, please do get in touch.

Happy learning!