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How do these course levels fit together?

Level One
  • Pony Club E test
  • Pony Club Progressive Bronze Test 3
  • ABRS Stable Management Test A
  • ABRS Equitation Test A
  • Pony Club Progressive Bronze Test 2
  • ABRS Equitation Test 1
  • ABRS Equitation Test B
  • ABRS Stable Management Test B
  • Brownie Rider Badge
  • ABRS Stable Management Test C
  • ABRS Equitation Test 2
  • ABRS Equitation Test C
  • Pony Club Progressive Bronze Test 1
  • ABRS Stable Management Test D
  • ABRS Equitation Test D
  • ABRS Equitation Test 3
  • Pony Club D Test
Level Two
  • ABRS Stable Management 1
  • ABRS Stable Management E
  • Pony Club Progressive Silver Test 3
  • Pony Club Progressive Silver Test 2
  • ABRS Equitation E
  • ABRS Equitation 4
  • Pony Club Progressive Silver Test 1
  • ARBS Stable Management 2
  • ABRS Stable Management 3
  • Pony Club D+ Test

Level Three
  • ABRS Stable Management 4
  • ABRS Stable Management 5
  • Pony Club Progressive Gold Test 3
  • Pony Club Progressive Gold Test 2
  • Pony Club Progressive Gold Test 1
  • ABRS Equitation 5
  • Pony Club C Test

Do I get a recognised qualification?

On completing the Kuda Guru level, you will receive a Kuda Guru certificate but this is not a recognised qualification. Once you have completed all the course work, online testing and video practical, you will however, be fully prepared for your practical exam. You will then need to approach the relevant body and apply for the required tests.

How am I tested?

Each level is broken down into modules. At the end of each module there are a variety of tests. As each module is passed, the next one becomes available. At the end of the final module, there is a written and video test which needs to be completed and returned for marking. The module tests are set at 100% to pass. The final test is at 75%.

Is there a time limit?
From starting the level, you have one year to complete. Each level builds on top of the last and becomes more in depth. Level one is very simple; an adult should be able to complete it within 8 – 10 hours.
I have been riding for several years – do I really need to start with level one?
The information in level one is very simple – it discusses the basics of handling such as leading, tying up, approaching a horse, basic horse behaviour. If you are confident, it is possible to skip this level. However, on each level there are various hints, tips and extra information making the subject clearer and the whys of what you are learning more understandable. I have had several horse people saying that they learned something new from every level.
The lower levels are written in a very child friendly way since younger riders will begin there. However, this does not mean it is only for children. Younger children will need the help of an adult.
Is there an age limit?
No, everyone is welcome, from 6 to 80! If you are aiming at sitting a practical exam, there will be age limits depending on the organisation running them.
I’m stuck – how do I get help?
These courses are user friendly and backed up all the way. If you get stuck and need help, you can either email or arrange a phone call for help. The information is set out in a way that it should be clear and easy to follow.
I don’t own a horse – can I do the tests anyway?
Absolutely! The joys of learning online mean that a horse of your own is not essential. There are practical elements for every level’s final exam. These are filmed and sent in, but you can do these with a friend’s horse or one belonging to the local riding school if they agree.
Who should be looking at doing these tests?
Anyone interested in learning more about horses.
Riders coming back into horses after a break.
People thinking of buying their first horse and looking for more knowledge.
Anyone wondering about a career in the horse industry.
Parents of pony mad children.
School leavers looking for something to work on during a gap year.
Home schooled children looking for courses giving certificates in something they love
People living in countries where horse riding is less wide spread and information is less available. Especially those looking at travelling to sit professional exams elsewhere.
How much do the tests cost?
They vary in price. As you look at each level’s information, you will see the cost involved.
Can I study anywhere in the world?
Yes, all the information and testing is done online. Certificates can be downloaded. Ashleigh spends a good portion of the time travelling internationally. If you do the lessons and are in a country where she teaches, you can organise practical training days in any of the subjects.