Welcome to the Long Lining course – Part 1!

This, Part One, is going to introduce you to the concept – the three main types of long lining, the tack and equipment that you need, and how to use it.

A huge part of successful long lining comes from your body position in relation to the horse, where you are looking, whether you are driving the horse from behind or blocking his shoulders.  What to do when it goes wrong, at what point can you begin again.

It also covers how to introduce the new horse to long lines, covering the simple steps with the lovely Betty.  Finally, we run through a few simple exercises to get you and your horse going.

Once you have completed this, it will give you a clearer idea of what it is all about, what you need to buy, and where to start.

There are 6 sections – an introduction into long lining, meet the stars, tack and equipment, body position, getting started, and a long lining session.  You will need to work through them step by step, marking each as complete as you go.

There are two options with this course, and you have the choice at the end – the basic course is simply to read through this information, and off you go…  If you get to the end and want help with your sessions, you can add on a virtual lesson – film yourself working your horse online, upload it and send me the link.  I’ll watch and comment, helping you to notice where you had things working smoothly, what could help, what went wrong and how to trouble shoot in the future.  You get three virtual video lessons – so you can video, read and watch my reply, try again, and repeat one more time.  Three times to get things working and by then you and your horse should be good to go.

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