Where ever you are in the world, I will come to you… Imagine – there you
and your friends are, in the middle of nowhere, and you decide you would
like some help / inspiration / direction / challenge / fun in your riding.
The problem is, you can’t travel your horses that far, and if you can’t
learn with your horse, you lose some of the impetus, yes? That’s where I
come in.

So, what do you need to have available for me to come to you? Well,
obviously enough, you need horses. They don’t have to be fancy, expensive or
even particularly well trained, as long as they have the basics and are
sound and capable of working. Our lessons will be aimed as much at you as at
your horse, probably more so. I will work as happily with a bunch of
hooligan Shetland ponies as with your Olympic hopeful warmblood. You need a
level piece of ground, preferably with a “surface”, but grass works if it’s
well established and not too hard, dry, deep or slippery. Of course, a
purpose built indoor with lights and mirrors would be perfect…   And
sadly, in the world today I do have to earn a living.

From my side – I offer a wide variety of courses, lessons and options. I can
come in and just teach, just riding or a variety of ground work, or I can
come in and help to train your trainers. This is a good option for an
isolated riding school – instead of trying to teach all the pupils, I can
help the trainers. This can be ideas for their lessons and / or give them
lessons and training themselves, for their future riding / exams. I will
also come in as a locum if you are going on holiday / injured and have your
own yard that you run solo. Pretty much, what you need, I can offer.

Ask me, and I will help.

Intrigued? Good – please look further, or contact me to chat