Cross Country.

Cross country schooling can begin in an arena.  By using poles, angles, corners and arrow heads can all be built safely and effectively.  Both horse and rider can learn technique, keeping straight and controlled in most aspects.

Ultimately though, if you want to event your horse, you need to school outside on a proper cross country course, where you can learn about pace, riding the horse forward and settling him back.  Banks, ditches, drops and steps all need to be taught and practiced out in the open.

If possible, lessons can be run out in the open, working over single fences, and then connecting a few together at the same time.

If you wish to book a cross country lesson, a jumping lesson in a school must be booked first.  This is for the safety of horse and rider.   Once on the cross country course, the horse must be tacked up using a surcingle and breastplate and the rider must be wearing a body protector and approved helmet.