Monthly Theory Lessons

If you are enrolled on our enhanced or ultimate membership packages then you have access to our monthly theory lessons.  Each month I’ll be posting a new lesson which will delve into the depths of something I teach in my actual classes, such as straightness.

By explaining in a clear, logical way the step by step basics of a subject, a lot of information that we instructors presuppose becomes clearer, which will help immensely when you are then actually riding.

Level Two Stable Management

Level Two Stable Management Course

Level two is stepping up a gear in being safe and practical around horses. During level one you will need to be supervised at all times while you are around the yard and horses, but once you are working on level two, you should be able to do some tasks by yourself, even though there should still be people on the yard with you.

Level two covers Pony Club D test to Pony Club D+ test. Check out How the Tests Fit Together.

Level 2 Stable Management includes:-


Level One Stable Management Course

Level One Stable Management Course

Level one starts at the very beginning and works its way up to Pony Club D test.

It covers other tests along the way.

Check out “How the Tests Fit Together”.

Level One Stable Management includes