Bali – November 13th – 22nd 2017 @ Bali
Nov 13 – Dec 22 all-day

Bali – time for catching up with friends and ponies!

Erlangen, Germany December 6th – 13th 2017 @ Erlangen
Dec 6 – Dec 13 all-day

Erlangen, Germany

Erlangen, Germany
Erlangen, Germany

A regular trip to Germany again – to the small town to Erlangen.  Lessons happen in various locations around the town.  As I only speak English, lessons as either taught in English or with a German / English translator, who also rides so understands the terminology.

Christmas Break
Dec 14 2017 – Jan 14 2018 all-day

Christmas break!  And lots and lots of catching up paper work…  Questions, thoughts, suggestions?  In this down time, I’ll be playing a lot of catch up…


The Mongol Derby 2018 @ Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Aug 5 – Aug 18 all-day
The Mongol Derby 2018 @ Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

I have had the absolute honour of being invited to a race, in August 2018.  This race, the world famous Mongolian Derby is an adventure of note, racing across 1,000km of wild ground, including grasslands, scrub, river crossing, salt pans and and and…  To be honest, the scariest part is that it is self-guided – the chances of me finding my self at the Great Wall of China cannot be ignored… Oh my, me, on a pony, with a GPS…  What could possibly go wrong?

What I love about this apart from the adventure, is that it again includes some charity along the way.  700 local Mongolian’s are employed in this venture, providing much needed income, advertising and tourism to a place that is underfunded and battles with harsh climates and poverty.  The Adventurists (who organise the race) also fund raise for Cool Earth.

This is where I need to ask for your help along the way.  Not only do I need to get fit enough to go, I need to beg and borrow sufficient horses in the meantime to help me, but I also have to conquer using a GPS and then there’s the small matter of raising $13,000 – which doesn’t include the $1k donation to Cool Earth.

So my Go Fund Me page is live now and I really need your help to make this possible, any contribution would be very welcome but there are some rather nice perks available too.